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The REEL Fishing Caddy Story

Fishing. There are very few things that instantly bring peace, relaxation and stress relief than fishing! Sitting next to a body of water with the wind blowing enjoying a refreshing beverage.  

See most people have been fishing at least once in their lives and most enjoyed it. Whether it was with grandpa who has passed on or with your dad. Fishing is a universal bonding sport no matter what walk of life you are from mention fishing and instantly you have made a friend you can talk for hours with. 

I took up the sport of fishing as a way to bond with my kids. As a family we would fish together and the kids early on loved it. They often would out fish me! We had a blast and it was a great way to unplug them from their electronics and just spend quality time with dad. As a dad you I worked so much and often missed their games and etc. However, when we went fishing there was no interruptions or job duties. Just us alone with god catching up and me feeling like I wasn’t more than just a paycheck.  I was leaving a legacy and tradition they could teach my future grandkids. This made me feel good. 

Our trips were frequent and it filled my heart with joy seeing my baby girl reel in crappie, catfish and trout all with the biggest smile on her face! It was priceless, I felt the greatest sense of love and we often would spend hours at the lake myself, my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter and my teenage son. 

That was until we stopped catching fish and all we had left was the countless hours carrying around heavy gear and making several trips to the car. The kids were my soldiers carrying our  gear. Until one day my kids started declining going fishing. They were sick of the long process and there wasn’t any guarantee they would make a catch. They weren’t enjoying it anymore because in their fast paced life fishing had become boring! 

I sat back and examined the process of getting to the lake:

Go to the garage to grab our poles

Grab the tacklebox, lawn chair, stringer and of course our trusty Home Depot Bucket! 

Oops don’t forget the bait. We would pull up and they would carry almost all of their gear and some of mine. As we walk to our favorite spot inevitably one would leave something of value back in the truck. So making 2 trips were frequent. 

Once we picked a spot we would spend an additional 30 mins breaking down all our gear and setting up. The whole time with the kids eager to JUST FISH. They didn’t care that we needed all these items a Tacklebox, bucket, lawn chair, rod holders, flashlights and a stringer they wanted to fast forward to the fun part fishing! 

We would sit for hours and I would pray we picked the right spot because if we didn’t we would have to repeat this all over again times 4 since there was 4 of us. Even I would get a bit guilty for being impatient when we selected a spot where there was no fish. 

Slowly instead of going fishing with dad they chose the XBOX and the iPad. The very thing I was trying to defeat! They were living a life of seclusion and my time with them was evaporating right before my eyes. Before I knew it I was back off to work. 


There has to be a better way? This process could be streamlined and we could JUST spend time fishing! One day while I was out fishing I noticed fishermen sitting on buckets and the light bulb went off. Why not add all my gear built into this bucket. Making it The Swiss Army Knife of Fishing. Tackle box, Rod Holder, LED Lights, Cupholder and even a place to keep your fish alive longer if you placed them inside. 

The Fishing Caddy was born, I was on a mission to get my kids back into this wonderful sport. The long process of gathering up all the gear at home GONE! Instead of gathering up my tackle box, rod holders, lawn chair or bucket, flashlight. I was picking up ONE thing! 

This was amazing and it was nice to get to the lake quicker since time wasn’t on my side most days. My kids took notice and slowly they came back fishing with dad more frequently. Now when I ask them do they wanna go fishing? They quickly answer YES because they have their Fishing Caddys instead of all hassle. 


If you are looking for a way to bond individuals together you have found a great American Made product that will do just that. Maybe your looking for a gift for a fishermen or a gift for dad? Something cool that hasn’t gone to mass quite yet. Our 60 day Money aback Guarantee ensures that you can give The  Fishing Caddy risk free. 

Don’t wait pick your Fishing Caddy today and have it in time for your next fishing adventure. 



Joe Pippins 

inventor-Dad- Outdoorsman