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How do I assemble my Fishing Caddy?

What keeps The Fishing Caddy from tipping over?

The very first step to using The Fishing Caddy system is to dip in water adding up to 40 lbs of water weight for stability. This holds the unit down and prevents it from tipping over when used with 10 lb test or less.

I Ice fish! How can I be sure the rod holder attachments won’t break in extreme cold/ hot weather?

The Fishing Caddy attachments are warrantied for 2 Years and are made of the same material as camping stakes. So they are extremely durable and withstand the harshest of fishing environments

How do you empty the water out the inside without loosing your fish?

When using the padded seat or tackle box lid you can empty the water out the inside through the spigot making it lighter for transport. Check out this video to see how your Fishing Caddy protects your fish and can be made lighter to move spots easier.

Can I use the single rod holder on The Fishing Caddy Mini?

We do NOT recommend using the single rod holder on The Fishing Caddy Mini’s due to the limited amount of water weight. So do so at your own risk and never allow kids to fish without adult supervision.

Are the LED Lights able to be submersed in water?

Yes they are water proof and can be submersed in water.

I’m worried about loosing my rods how can I be sure they won’t come out when a fish takes my bait?

This is one of the most important things we wanted to accomplish with the new Fishing Caddy! After 3 years of development we scientifically designed The Fishing Caddy 2.0 to not just have a larger rod holder that allows your rods to go ALL THE WAY THROUGH. We also put another safety feature in place that’s using the two hooks on the front! When the fish takes your bait!! Watch this video

How does The Fishing Caddy help you detect bites quicker?

When you use the two hooks in the front ( quick strike indicators) you will notice your bites BEFORE the rod tips bend giving you a 200% quicker bite detection: Watch this video to see how you can get a head start on the fish on your line!

How do I ensure my built in dual rod holders won’t spin off?

After dipping your Fishing Caddy in water ALWAYS CHECK THE NUT ON THE INSIDE tighten it before fishing.

Where else can I buy a Fishing Caddy?

Due to the high demand of The Fishing Caddy we are exclusively a E-Commerce site selling on Amazon, Etsy and www.TheFishingCaddy.com

Why did you choose to make your product entirely in the USA?

It was important to help grow our economy and build a product that we could monitor quality before any shipments were made. We also wanted to support American companies, suppliers and manufactures!