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Get Paid To FISH!



You asked we delivered! It’s Fishing Paycheck the only place to get paid to fish with The Fishing Caddy System. Here’s why we are rolling out this program. 

Being a small business we simply can’t fish every day however some of our fans/audience fishes often. We need your help by taking high-quality pictures and videos 1-3 Mins MAX. We want to pay you for your pics and videos. 

Topics for video:

Simply tell us what you like about your Fishing Caddy. 

Tell us why you fish and what fishing means to you. 

What species you fish for often and why? 

How you tie your knots?

What bait you use to catch fish and why you think it works best?


Go here for more information and get signed up! You could be earning your first check days. 

Get Paid to FISH Here: 

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  • That guy should Shut up

    Bone r Sweetpant
  • Fishing has always been a hobby of mine. I’d take weekend trips to go fishing either to wildlife places around my hometown or the beach, I could fish all night and all day. Bluegill and crappy are my favorite to fry and eat. I enjoy catching bass and catfish the most though.

    Julie Webster
  • Fishing was just something to do when visiting my dad when we were growing up. Now it’s changed completely for me I love taking my kids fishing and watch them go from Daddy bait my hook to keep fishing dad I’ll bait mom’s line. There is another peace that comes with being in the moment like being on a motorcycle and just riding with no real destination. You can tell what stresses I’m trying to escape by the type of fishing I’m doing. When things are going pretty good and nothing is really pressuring me in life catfish are on my agenda kicked back relaxing and resting, just the opposite things are hectic it’s type to do some walking and cast them stresses away large mouth, crappie, and trout. I’ll try any bait at least once even that one that you bought bc of the joke your buddy made about it. Lol. I make my own lures so it really depends on other factors weather that day and previous days, water temp, time of year, are the minnows up close to shore or are they not where you can see them which means there in deeper water. There are a lot of factors to take him when choosing bait my brother even says I over-analyze it sometime I like to think I’m almost there something. Lol. Standard clinch knot is what I use but I love learning new ones I’m trying them out if I can get paid to do some fishing I’d be so happy I probably start handing a pond in my backyard honestly if I could just be reimbursed for the gasoline to takes to get to the fishing hole I be happy shoot in the little town I live in there’s about 5 watering holes within 2 miles of me and last week I caught three eight pound largemouth a 10 pound largemouth and my son is 5 call at 7 p.m. large amounts of 6 lb and 15 oz play star cast on a spinnerbait. I have been fishing these pawns for 20 years and the reason why I have permission to fish them is because I stopped in randomly and pick up all the trash around them and pick up the trash every time I come fishing I even do bank and tree clean up around him and everything for free just for the fishing rights on the neighbors asked me one time he said that he had it priced at almost $2,000 to have a bunch of big trees around one part of it cut down and clean it out and then pulled away from that’s what I charge the got to do it I told him nothing he told me I was a fool for doing that I told him there’s nothing foolish about watching your kids grow up fishing and in the same hole you did especially when there’s a possibility they’re going to catch them up a record out of there and the memories will have been able to take them fishing there hope to hear back from you guys if nothing else I’d like to at least get some tips if I can’t get paid to go fishing I like learning something new have a good day

    Nathan Thompson

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