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Fishing is often a family tradition

Fishing for the majority of outdoorsmen was a tradition that was passed down by a elder in their life. Weather is was their father, grandfather, mom or in my case mentor. In the “good old days” there was less distractions. There was no Facebook, Instagram or constant updates about the terrible things that occur on the news. It seemed those times were slower paced and less intense. 

Our elders possessed a great gift of patience and resolve. They say a bad day of fishing beats a good day at work! Back in those days fishing may have been a way to feed the family a meal, or a great way to bond with their younger kin. Think back to what you experienced on your first day fishing. This memory is often golden to our entire lives. A special memory we will never forget. The loved ones that invested in that moment hold a special place in our hearts. 

They may have been on the other end of this amazing blessing themselves and felt the true love and bond that takes place next to a body of water. Relaxing spending quality time with someone you hold dear. This is true for the majority of Americans, fishing is to being patriotic as breathing is to the fish in the lake we seek. It’s starts with a decision to plan that trip. Maybe it’s for Fathers Day, a birthday, Christmas or a cool spring morning. We elect to grab our gear make the phone calls to our family or buddy’s and hit the water. 

We learned how to tie our first knot get over our fear of live bait. The worms became less gross with each trip and eventually learn where to cast that perfect fishing spot. This is and was life in that moment we forgot about the bills, the assignment that’s due the next day or a ailing loved one positive memories flooded our minds. This reflection time is sacred and not something we can duplicate. So in a effort to relive it each trip offers peace, relaxation and well being. 


Fishing and family a low cost way to blend energies and honor those who have came before us. Tell us why you love the sport of fishing and who taught you the “ropes”?


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