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Fishing is a Family Tradition for most Americans

Traditional values, the things that get passed down from generation to generation in a family. The things that you hold dearly in your heart and emotion is evoked when you participate in a activity your forefathers and elders enjoyed. That’s what fishing is to most Americans, their dads fished, their grandparents taught their dads. These memories hold a special place in their hearts. 

Most of us have someone who we hold dearly in our hearts and some of these precious memories involved you fishing and bonding with this person. For me it is my mentor, he taught me my first knot and how to properly tie a leader line. His recent passing has left a lasting impression on me and my family as he was the “godfather” of fishing. The one who paved the way and invested his time teaching myself and my kids the “ropes”.

When the day to day of being a father and work get overwhelming fishing is my go to stress relief. See this sport is one of the few things on this planet that offer this nostalgia that money can’t buy. Getting my gear together and taking the short drive to my favorite spot and casting the first line. It’s a amazing feeling, the wind hitting my face and hands. I can feel the goosebumps rising as I wait for the surprise treasure that’s swimming in front of me. 

What will it be? A bass, a prized crappie that would make a excellent meal for the kids. I often come home with several catches and feel like a hero! My kids and family look forward to this event. Not only am I am to get some alone time and some of those day bond with my kids. It’s also my way of showing off these tricks and tips my mentor taught me. 

Mat 37 years old playing sports is a bit difficult due to time and I’m a super competitive person so I enjoy the challenge of seeing what I will land. Nothing compares to sitting on the banks with loved ones laughing, helping the kids bait their lines and feel apart of a community and tradition of fishing. These memories are my legacy and what my kids and younger generation will say about my time on this earth. It’s my duty to continue this passion and make sure to invest this precious time and moments with them. 

Since fishing is a free sport for most of the country it’s offers a great low cost way to not just entertain but to grow closer as a family and that’s hard to do now days. The Fishing Caddy is a great first step to making sure those fishing trips are memorable because it’s literally all your gear build into one lightweight product that weighs less than 7lbs. 


It consolidates: 

Tacklebox or Paddee Swivel Seat

Two Built in Rod Holders so you can sink the hook quicker 

Water Proof Led lights for Safety and tying knots at night 

Detachable Beverage Holder for your Favorite Beverage 

Portable live well


Its offered in a Adult Verison XL, L and a Smaller Version for the kids Fishing Caddy Mini ™️. Grab a few Fishing Caddys and start making memories today at




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