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Christmas Shopping 2022

Every year women across the country struggle to find unique gifts that will actually get used. Often times spending hours in long lines, fighting traffic only to come up empty handed. This is where we can help! The Fishing Caddy was designed, built and invented by real fishermen/ourdoorsmen. It’s literally everything you need to be organized while enjoying Fishing, Camping, Hunting and all things outdoors. Just dip in water or fill with sand and your ready to experience a much easier way to land fish. 

Well what is The Fishing Caddy? Why does it make a excellent gift idea this christmas? For starters if you have ever stepped on a pesky hook? You know first hand how frustrating that can be and leads to a messy Tacklebox with your #Fishinggear all over the house. It’s time to be organized and have convenience “ALL in One”.

It provides everything you need to fish hands free:

A place to sit.

A place to hold your rods.

Provides LIGHT for tying knots and adding fresh bait.

A Padded Handle for Comfort.

A detachable Beverage Holder! 

Now you can take awesome photos of your new catches without worrying about missing a bite. It’s advanced bite detection notices bites 200% FASTER than conventional rod holders. Not to mention it’s The World’s First Rod Holder with LED LIGHTS on it! It’s a sure home run this holiday season. We do have limited inventory this year due to Covid so get yours now before we SELLOUT again this year. Save your time shopping TheFishingCaddy.com from the convenience of your home and let us ship The Coolest Gift out this holidays right to your home with Guaranteed Christmas Delivery.  


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