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Welcome World! To The Fishing Caddy 2.0. This is our very first blog post! Welcome to our online-store designed and built for all things Fishing Caddy. After our successful Kick-Starter campaign we are ready to ship orders! We chose Shopify as our main site due to it's clean design and consumer experience.  to bring you up to date on a few things. We have identified our fulfillment center and have taken special care to make sure our entire process is managed, built, fulfilled right here in the USA. Enclosed you will find some pics of the process we have begun fulfilling orders. 


We have some exciting opportunities coming down the pipe and are excited to be able to reveal them soon. For now take a look around the site and leave us your feedback and feel free to place a order Father's Day is the perfect time of the year for The Fishing Caddy. As people all over the United States struggle to find a gift for dad. The Fishing Caddy every year comes through without a hitch. This year we have even more reason to be excited because we have a all new product and tons of more features. That are all designed to help dad fish more efficiently. This aint no regular bucket everything from the balance, design and material we used are all specifically designed to help dad catch more fish easier.


I encourage you to take a moment and see our YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE for more information and videos. We have a ton of content coming down the pipe so if you love fishing videos get in early and Subscribe. 


Thank you for visiting our site and thank you to all those who are Getting Daddy a Fishing Caddy for Fathers Day! 



Joe Pippins 

Inventor/ Founder 




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